Automatic testing of RESTFul API

Testing your existing API without backend or coding knowledge was not something that was easy to do in the past. If you have developed an app for a mobile device, software or even a web element, or had one developed for you, ongoing testing used to be carried out by a team or developer. If you have taken source code or purchased an API to develop into your final product, testing must take place and is now possible with automated testing.

Help with testing?

There are several new programs available that take the tedious testing phase and makes it much easier on a developer. One of such online services is called RestCase - it is a new cloud based solution for simple REST API workflow management with focus on the entire REST API Workflow, starting from Mocks, Documentation, Automated Testing and Performance Tracking.

RestCase - simple REST API workflow management

With Rest API auto testing it is possible to test the core functions of your API and continue to validate your application or subsections of your software. By testing elements as well as your api as a whole it is possible to decrease testing time, recognize bugs more quickly as well as release your completed software in a much shorter time span. One of the key features in RestCase is REST API Automatic Testing. You can easy create test suites and test cases for your own REST APIs workflows, define the requests and simply run the tests to verify your APIs are working as they should without any coding knowledge.

REST API Automatic Testing

Monitoring and testing

Api monitoring and testing with automated Rest API testing can schedule thousands of repetitions in just a few minutes. This means that what may take hours of testing for a team or for a coder, could simply be done in a few clicks with this helpful software. Automatic testing can continue to occur recognizing causes for concern and improving the level of service that your company can provide.

Restful API integrates with your current development structure adding new efficiencies and a very low maintenance testing process. The setup and run ease of use requires little maintenance and automatically reports anomalies and test cases in conveniently reviewable data output.


The best part about using Rest API is that it can sync directly with multiple team members, no coding knowledge is required for testing and it can assist with spec development by providing custom validators and variables synced quickly in configuration and testing options. With RestCase you can bring your testing to the next level with automated Restful API testing.

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